A case for BI On Cloud – Data Warehouse Migration to Cloud

The case for Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) on Cloud  is very compelling for following key reasons;

  • BI on Cloud is faster and easier to implement.
  • BI on Cloud has lot more to offer on hardware and software
  • BI on Cloud is much more affordable compared to traditional BI.

It is no surprise that many data focused organizations, small and large enterprises have started to migrate their BI system from On-Premise Data Center to a Cloud or Hybrid BI solution. Although it is not expected that customers will rapidly replace their on premise BI solutions in favor of Cloud immediately, but it is observed that there are lots of, legitimate Analytics use cases where the Cloud BI model would be beneficial and worth consideration.


Business use cases for BI and Analytics on Cloud

There are several operational and financial factors that work in favor of Cloud Business Intelligence (BI),

The key being:

  • Speed of Implementation and Deployment: Immediate availability of environment without any

dependence on the long periods associated with infrastructure procurement, application deployment,

etc. drastically reduces the BI implementation time window.

  • Elasticity: Leverage the massive computing power available on the Web, scale up and scale down

based on changing requirements.

  • Focus on Core Strength: Outsource running of BI apps and focus on their core capabilities.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership: Convert some part of capital expenditure (capex) to operational

expenditure (opex), cost-effective pricing models, pay per use model, etc.


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