Hadoop on Cloud

What’s trending in the world of cloud based services? Analytics & Big Data on Cloud is delivering huge value to the Business that is embracing it.


There are many advantages  for business owners wanting to use Hadoop on Cloud solution . The obvious advantage comes from the nature of true Analytics which is Ad-hoc. It is a known fact that the demand and complexity of Analytics unlike reporting is hugely variable for each request and in order to meet this variable demand we a truly Elastic Analytics Platform which can only be provided by the combination Cloud & Hadoop which both are completely elastic on Cloud. With Hadoop on Cloud you can have no nodes running one minute and have 1000 nodes running next minute to process an Analytics’ request and have all the nodes turned off two hours later once you have processed you’re multibillion records. This Elasticity can be also used for Batch processing of large amounts of data i.e you can automatically turn on and turn off Hadoop nodes as per the demand of your batch processing.

If you plan on taking full advantage of Hadoop then investing in Hadoop EMR or Quboleon Amazon AWS should be a key consideration. Most Hadoop cloud service providers will charge for pay-per-use so business owners only need to pay for the storage or analytics as needed without needing an up-front payment.


With today’s advances in technology the cloud gives business owners more freedom than ever, allowing for instant data access. Cloud experts have developed programs where business owners are able to have a full view of their consumers as well as having improved product innovation. Stored data can offers valuable insights within mass storage. Hadoop cloud offers problem solving and adaptation to different situations.  Whether you intend to use the cloud based big data solutions , or you plan on taking advantage as a long-term investment; clearly Hadoop in the cloud has risen in popularity with small and large business owners alike.

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