Big Data gets Amazoned with Redshift

Big Data gets Amazoned with Redshift :

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Data Lake


These days the big deal is Big Data Service on Redshift as part of the Business Intelligence on Amazon Web Services. The term “Amazoned” means low prices for those wanting big data service. Analytics on cloud experts continues to thrive and evolve at lightning speed. With the high-growth of cloud computing developers are constantly keeping up with technology to meet the demands. Traditional enterprise providers are being targeted by Amazon as its Redshift data warehouse smashes competitors with lower prices and powerful performance.

Companies can test-drive Redshift, by incorporating into to the AWS Management Console, where you can launch a Redshift cluster. Clusters begin with a few hundred gigabytes of data and gage to a petabyte or more, for less than $1,000 per terabyte per year.

Most companies don’t like paying enormous fees to support massive databases. Up until now, there were no other options. If Redshift steps up to the expectations set by Amazon, it could compel enterprises to rethink how they utilize database technology. The cost advantages alone could result in some rapid changes. What may keep many businesses off Redshift is that most of those charged with maintaining data warehouses in larger companies are not too keen on cloud computing. Larger companies see cloud computing as a risk because the technology is still too new and unreliable.

Ultimately, if Redshift can do what the on-site databases can do for a fraction of the cost, those concerns will fade — or be overridden by business components. If everything heads in this direction it looks like Amazon will be selling more than books and discounted items.

Eventually, every business in the marketing industry will need awell-organized data collection and management system to support their digital marketing strategies. AWS Redshift Expertise is considered a breakthrough in delivering a more cost-effective and efficient date warehouse system for businesses wanting to optimize SEO campaigns and digital marketing strategies.




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Data Warehouse migration on cloud features

Agile Intelligent Solutions and Services can give you confidence knowing your data warehouse is available 24 hours a day.  Cloud Computing allows for on-demand delivery of IT resources and applications via the internet, making your business more manageable.  Why should you do a cloud database migration? The first question to ask yourself is: “Is data warehousing a viable option”?

If you’re trying to manage your database in-house you’ll fall short. While it may be true that in-house data center technology has served its purpose, Data warehouse migration to Cloud solutions is the new kid on the block that is saving companies like yours money. Companies like yours have decided to migrate to data warehousing because quite simply its cost efficient. Cloud migrations can reduce IT staffing expenses and hardware.


Here’s another reason why you should think ‘Data Warehousing’. Cloud features allow for quick data download, allowing the vendor to work with larger data sets in shorter time frames. Data Warehousing also offers the freedom of serving more customers at any one time. For larger companies who refresh their data daily, this is the ideal solution.

There are many AWS Cloud Companies to choose from. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers broad scan of worldwide compute, storage, database, analytics, application, and deployment services. Vendors like AWS Redshift can help companies like yours lower cost, move quicker, and scale applications. The AWS Computing platform allows you to build your application while providing flexibility. AWS Cloud Solutions can help you manage your infrastructure while saving you time and money.


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A case for BI On Cloud – Data Warehouse Migration to Cloud

The case for Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) on Cloud  is very compelling for following key reasons;

  • BI on Cloud is faster and easier to implement.
  • BI on Cloud has lot more to offer on hardware and software
  • BI on Cloud is much more affordable compared to traditional BI.

It is no surprise that many data focused organizations, small and large enterprises have started to migrate their BI system from On-Premise Data Center to a Cloud or Hybrid BI solution. Although it is not expected that customers will rapidly replace their on premise BI solutions in favor of Cloud immediately, but it is observed that there are lots of, legitimate Analytics use cases where the Cloud BI model would be beneficial and worth consideration.


Business use cases for BI and Analytics on Cloud

There are several operational and financial factors that work in favor of Cloud Business Intelligence (BI),

The key being:

  • Speed of Implementation and Deployment: Immediate availability of environment without any

dependence on the long periods associated with infrastructure procurement, application deployment,

etc. drastically reduces the BI implementation time window.

  • Elasticity: Leverage the massive computing power available on the Web, scale up and scale down

based on changing requirements.

  • Focus on Core Strength: Outsource running of BI apps and focus on their core capabilities.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership: Convert some part of capital expenditure (capex) to operational

expenditure (opex), cost-effective pricing models, pay per use model, etc.


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Hadoop on Cloud

What’s trending in the world of cloud based services? Analytics & Big Data on Cloud is delivering huge value to the Business that is embracing it.


There are many advantages  for business owners wanting to use Hadoop on Cloud solution . The obvious advantage comes from the nature of true Analytics which is Ad-hoc. It is a known fact that the demand and complexity of Analytics unlike reporting is hugely variable for each request and in order to meet this variable demand we a truly Elastic Analytics Platform which can only be provided by the combination Cloud & Hadoop which both are completely elastic on Cloud. With Hadoop on Cloud you can have no nodes running one minute and have 1000 nodes running next minute to process an Analytics’ request and have all the nodes turned off two hours later once you have processed you’re multibillion records. This Elasticity can be also used for Batch processing of large amounts of data i.e you can automatically turn on and turn off Hadoop nodes as per the demand of your batch processing.

If you plan on taking full advantage of Hadoop then investing in Hadoop EMR or Quboleon Amazon AWS should be a key consideration. Most Hadoop cloud service providers will charge for pay-per-use so business owners only need to pay for the storage or analytics as needed without needing an up-front payment.


With today’s advances in technology the cloud gives business owners more freedom than ever, allowing for instant data access. Cloud experts have developed programs where business owners are able to have a full view of their consumers as well as having improved product innovation. Stored data can offers valuable insights within mass storage. Hadoop cloud offers problem solving and adaptation to different situations.  Whether you intend to use the cloud based big data solutions , or you plan on taking advantage as a long-term investment; clearly Hadoop in the cloud has risen in popularity with small and large business owners alike.

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